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The Vietnam Years - From the Jungle to the Australian Suburbs

By: Michael Caulfield (547/35700
Publisher: Hachette Australia ISBN: 978-0-7336-1985-4

The Vietnam War was the longest and most divisive war in our history. Almost 60,000 Australians served and more than 500 were killed. Back home, thousands protested against the war and conscription, and hundreds were sent to jail.

The Vietnam Years is the story of both sides of that war, from the vicious fighting of jungle patrols, told in gripping graphic detail, to the families ripped apart by confusion and anger as anti-war protests mounted. It captures an era of assassinations and moon landings, moratoriums and paisley shirts, and brings back to life that brief outburst of rock 'n' roll rebellion we call the '60s.

With film-maker's eye for detail, Michael Caulfield vividly portrays the uncompromising reality of war. He builds a human picture: the bravery shown by so many young Australian men in the field, a powerful and moving account of the famous Battle of Long Tan, and the stories of the Vietnamese people fighting for a country they love.

The Vietnam Years is about the long, hard road Australia took from innocence to bitterness, and from despair to redemption. And how we have learned to accept that some wounds never heal.

August 2007

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