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Past Book Reviews (since June 2016)


A selection of Past Book Reviews reviews have been prepared for viewing online as pdf documents (Adobe Acrobat reader required - visit and download (free)).

Book Reviews are listed in alphabetical order by author. Hold down [Ctrl] then press [F] to search for a review, then click on the green button to download and view it.

Paul Warren with Jeff Apter
The Fighter
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Bob Breen
The good neighbour: Australian peace support operations in the Pacific Islands, 1980-2006. Volume 5. Official history of peacekeeping, humanitarian and post-cold war operations
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Andrew Carr
Winning the peace: Australia's campaign to change the Asia-Pacific
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Ross Coulthart
Charles Bean: if people really knew: one man's struggle to report the Great War and tell the truth
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
edited by Peter J. Dean, Stephan Frühling and Brendan Taylor
Australia's American alliance
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Phil Dwyer, Helen Duffy and Bruce Postle
The Western Front: an Australian perspective
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Bryn Evans
Air battle For Burma: allied pilots' fight for supremacy
Reviewed by Bob Treloar
Andrew Faulkner
Stone cold: the extraordinary true story of Len Opie - Australia's deadliest soldier
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Tom Frame (editor)
Anzac Day then and now
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Tom Frame and Albert Palazzo (editors)
On ops: lessons and challenges for the Australian Army since East Timor
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Bob Howe
Dreadful lady over the Mekong Delta: an analysis of RAAF Canberra operations in the Vietnam War
Reviewed by Doug Roser
Dr Tom Lewis
Honour denied: Teddy Sheean, a Tasmanian hero ... and other brave warriors of the Royal Australian Navy
Reviewed by Ian Pfennigwerth
Ian Pfennigwerth
Bravo Zulu: honours and awards to Australian naval people Volume 1: 1900 - 1974
Reviewed by Tom Frame
Edward N. Luttwak
The rise of China vs the logic of strategy
Reviewed by Michael Thurston
Ian Mansfield
Stepping into a minefield: a life dedicated to landmine clearance around the world
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Leigh Neville
Modern snipers
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Elizabeth McCarthy
John Jess, seeker of justice: the role of Parliament in the HMAS Voyager tragedy
Reviewed by John Ellis
Gary Ramage with Mark Abernethy
The shot
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Jeremy Scahill and the staff of The Intercept
The assassination complex: inside the government's secret drone warfare programme
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Eric Schlosser
Command and control: nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safety
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding
Lynette Silver and Billy Young
Billy: My life as a teenage POW
Reviewed by Ken Broadhead
Leslie Terrett and Stephen Taubert
Preserving our proud heritage: the customs and traditions of the Australian Army
Reviewed by Marcus Fielding

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