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Nazi Europe

Cavendish (583/36111)
Publisher: Cavendish House
From the John Laffin Library

September 1939 is infamous as the time that saw the launch of the Nazi war machine in Europe with the invasion of Poland. Its might crushed every force mounted against it on the Continent and by July 1940, Britain was indeed a voice crying out in the wilderness against the most awful and awesome enemy mankind had ever known.

Nazi Europe tells the story of those first shattering months of World War II. Day by day, you will read how country after country was forcibly subjugated by the seemingly invulnerable German oppressor. This highly detailed and gripping account allows you, today's reader, to step back in time and experience the shock and horror of those who lived through it all. You can look into the minds of the great political leaders and military men who made the the accounts of the ordinary men and women who were witnesses to history...learn of the spirit that refused to submit and demanded that Britain stand firm against injustice and brutality.

And when you reach the story of the closing days of July 1940, with Britain fighting for her survival and the thunder of German jackboots growing ever closer, stand back and assess the world as they must have done. Remember the free Europe of just a year before and compare it with a continent ripped apart and reshaped to conform with the image of one madman and those who followed him. Stand back and look at the realization of his dream: look at Nazi Europe.

April 2009

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