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The Javelin Collection of Monographs

Welcome message from the Editor

Every person "moves in a different circle and knows things unknown to any other" person, wrote A.G. Stephens in 1892, when calling for readers of the "Bulletin" to turn themselves into authors & become contributors to the magazine.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" wrote George Santayana in 1905.

Welcome to the Javelin Collection, the new online-only monograph series of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies - Australia.

We publish original, peer-reviewed papers on all topics pertaining to defence and security in general, and especially the defence and security of Australia. We invite our members, our readers and the wider community to contribute to the Collection. Subjects chosen may include: strategy and tactics; first person recollections of major events, whether while serving in the armed forces, or as a civilian; military history, particularly pieces which provide historic context for the current debate or lessons applicable to it.

The Ursula Davidson Library, housed in the RUSI-NSW rooms at the Anzac Memorial in Sydney, is an excellent resource for those writers who require more information on topics they wish to write about.

I am fortunate in having an Editorial team who, collectively, can draw on an extensive store of knowledge and experience across a wide range of military disciplines. Having been involved with the Collection since its inception, it is an ongoing project which is important to me, and I look forward to seeing it grow in scope and scale as more people take up our invitation to contribute.

Diana Figgis
The Javelin Collection

A Motorcycle Tour of Germany in July 1939

USS Peary's final combat action in Darwin 1942

Rabaul, January 1942 &
Its Aftermath for One Australian Serviceman


How three American Divisions ended up under Australian Command in World War One:

Part One
Part Two

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