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Seek and Strike - 75 Squadron RAAF 1942 - 2002

By: David J. Wilson (903.92/35740)
Publisher: Banner Books ISBN: 1-875593-23-3

75 Squadron RAAF was formed in the darkest days of WW2, in March 1942, when Australia had not one fighter squadron in the entire continent, and the Japanese already had attacked Darwin, Broome, the Torres Strait and Port Moresby, and had captured Rabaul. Kittyhawk fighters from US supplies were handed over and two weeks after receiving them, 75 Squadron was in action in New Guinea. For 44 days, 75 Squadron flew alone as the sole fighter defence force for Port Moresby Reduced to a single Kittyhawk, 75 withdrew to Australia, re-equipped, and moved to Milne Bay, where, with 76 Squadron, it provided the decisive factor in that historic defeat of the Japanese.

Until 1945, 75 Squadron flew in the New Guinea and Borneo campaigns, and after the war, operated Mustangs. When jets arrived, 75 Squadron flew Vampires, Meteors, Avon Sabres and Mirages, before re-equipping with the F/A-18 Hornet.

75 Squadron, with 76 Squadron, formed 78 Fighter Wing and was based on Malta 1953-55, and took part in NATO exercises and the great flypast over London to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

David Wilson's excellent research has resulted in this tribute to the Australians of all ranks and musterings in 75 Squadron over sixty years of the squadron's existence, for the men and women who kept 75 Squadron flying, despite endless personal hardships and wartime enemy pressure, and to the pilots who flew the aircraft, from piston engines to jets, against wartime enemies and despite the formidable problems of high speed and supersonic flight.

December 2007

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