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From the President - July 2018

I am writing to provide an update of the move of the Institute and the Ursula Davidson Library to the new wing of the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney that is nearing the end of construction. I expect that the new wing of the Anzac Memorial will be officially opened in late October or on Armistice Day 2018.

We are well on track to move the library and our operations to the new education and research centre in the Anzac Memorial. We will progressively move the library over a number of stages from late July to the end of August 2018.

For the first time in our 130 years of existence, the Institute will have a permanent home in a prestigious building in the centre of Sydney that will be accessible to our members and to the public.

The move of the Institute has presented a number of significant challenges. First, we have had to get the library collection ready for the move. Second, we have had to cull our large archival holdings – as you can imagine, we have accumulated a lot of archival material over our 130 years of existence. Third, we have had to purchase a large purpose built compactus to house the library collection. Fourth, as part of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Anzac Memorial Trust, we have to “freeze” the library collection to ensure that it is free of silverfish and other vermin. This will require the book and map collection to be wrapped in plastic and frozen for about a week in two container freezers located in Hyde Park before being de-frosted and placed in the compactus in the Anzac Memorial.

The Institute has embarked on a major fund raising program over the next several years to raise funds to pay for the cost involved in moving the Institute and library to the Anzac Memorial, to maintain and expand the library collection, and if possible, to employ a librarian. We are approaching members, philanthropists, commercial and other organisations for donations. To date, many members have been very generous in making donations to the Institute’s tax deductible Library Gift Fund. In addition, we have received generous donations from two very kind philanthropists.

I will let you know when the Anzac Memorial extension will be officially opened so that you can come and visit us in our new premises.

Paul Irving
President Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW
1 July 2018

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